Is there a way I can do this?

Hi everyone. I’m really confused about this. Okay, I’ve been on Episode for over 5 years now. I’ve always done it on Android via Google and started to write (but not publish) some stories. However, over the summer I upgraded to iOS and I wanna write again. Is there a way to get rid of my Android profile before I sign into iOS? If not, I’m just gonna have to keep both but lose my Episode blue sticker on the app. :pleading_face::sob:


I think this would perhaps be better asked in the Site Feedback category :slight_smile: you might find more answers there :slight_smile:

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okay, thanks.

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Can’t i write story through android phone?

I don’t understand what you are asking. Your stories you are writing on the app will still be on your original profile that was on your Android onto your iPhone if you ask to transfer your profile. Send a ticket asking for a profile transfer, make sure you tell them your situation. You will always still be able write because you write on the episode portal, not the app.

You write on the episode portal, not the app. So yes, you can write on your phone but it’s easier to write on a computer.

Is this is episode portal?

This is the forums. This is the episode portal:

Okay. Thank you so much🙂

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from experience,

if u wrote on the writers portal and have a google account there shouldn’t be a problem to sign in to the same google account on ur new device to access ur stories in writers portal!

however, as for ur story progresses in app, unfortunately i changed to a new device a while ago and lost all my progress. episode has said that they’re unable to move progress cross-platform or to a different device. (you can still log in to the same google account on episode but story progress may be lost)

hope this helps <3

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