Is there a way to add lightning strikes?


Is there a way to add a lightning strike to the scene? Something that appeared, for example, in pretty little liars. Please, I don’t want to wait to get an overlay accepted or something, besides, I wouldn’t know how to animate it (maybe create, clear, create, clear, but I’m still new to this) and I’m also not looking for a whole background flash (the transition in white)…
If there’s not, that would be a great idea to add this, because it adds a lot to the story

EDIT: I’m just going to be patient, haha, and I’ll upload the overlay. Thanks everyone <3


Where there is a background of a lightning strike if you were wondering :thinking:


I know there is a background like this, I’m talking about a lightning strike appearing in another bg


You can just add the sound effect :sweat_smile:


You’d have to upload your own overlay.


I know you mentioned you don’t want to wait…but those are kinda the only options. As @Dona_H mentioned you would need to add your own overlay to create the lightning effect. Try or just Google lightning png.


I don’t think she wants an overlay :sweat_smile:


Lol :joy: I know but I can’t really think of much else :thinking: Besides using multiple lightning backgrounds to create the effect.


I know but it’s the only way.


She/he can just put the sound effect and zoom :sweat_smile: (I’m sweating to much lol)


Why are you sweating? Lol
What do you mean by zoom? On a picture of lightning?


I just mean like is getting to complicated and you can use like the sound and the scene shake to make it look like a thunder storm is about to happen :sweat_smile:


Oh! I get it…Take an image with several different lightning bolts. Zoom in on different areas and add sound effects.
That does sound easier but she/he would still have to wait for background approval.


Yeah! something like that


You could do the sound effects with a bunch of transition fade out white in 0.2 and it will look like lightening flashes


I don’t think she wants that either :sweat_smile:


Oh whoops didn’t see that


Oh, I was sleeping and woke up to so many replies…
Thanks everyone, for now I used the transition in white, it works fine, but I’ll upload an overlay because I really want an effect that was in PLL. <3 Again thank you for your time


Yup I did, for now the transition + the clap is working ok for me C:


I’ve just seen this, hi again :joy:

I have a template for it, would you like to use it?