Is there a way to change a characters name without having to make duplicates?


the title says it all. :cherry_blossom:


I was thinking about that to.


Not that I know of…


There is one way, but you need to ask the readers.


Let’s say your character’s name is LUCY and you want her new name to be something else, you can ask the reader:

What should Lucy’s new name be?

choice (LUCY)
Her name is Anna now.
Her name is Maria now.
}“Type in your own”{
@pause for 0.7
input What is her name? | What is her name? | Done (LUCY)
Her name is [LUCY] now.

[LUCY] looks amazing!

*If you write [LUCY] in the script, it’ll show up as Anna for the people who chose Anna, Maria for the people who chose Maria and a random name that the reader gave to LUCY for the third option (so if I named her Lila, that would show up for me)

A Guide to Typed-in Choices

Dang, ig I’m gonna have to make duplicate characters then.


Yes, you’re going to have to :laughing:

Good luck! :sparkling_heart:


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