Is there a way to do angled zooms?

I’m trying to code a scene where the camera is zoomed on the MC’s face, and the camera slowly rotates to 180° so that the MC ends up being upside down.

I would make an overlay of the MC and spin that overlay itself, but the MC is customizable so making an overlay of her would not work out.

Does this make sense? I hope I wrote it in an understandable way. It’ll be great if anyone knows how to rotate the camera or figure out a solution for this.

Hi! I don’t think it’s possible to rotate the zoom. But i think I read you can rotate your character, but i don’t know if that works with your background

You can put your character upside-down, but you can’t rotate it either

yes, you can flip the background by using the zoom tool. preview your background with your character and then keep zooming out until the background flips over (the percent would be negative). not sure if you want only the character to be upside down or the background as well, but hope this helped :))

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to make it slowly rotate is not possible zoom only zooms on some spot.

You can how ever rotate overlays so you can make the background and the character an overlay and rotate it.

Other option is to make the character and background upside down - which was described above (make the zoom negative %) but this will not “slowly” rotate it simpy flips it.


Thank you everyone for your help!! I understand how zooms work now :))

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