Is there a way to keep a points counter on the screen all the time?

The title asks the question lol I know we can show the readers how many points they have but is it possible have this fixed on the screen so it’s constantly there? I want to make a mini game will be using points as cash but I was it so they can constantly see it.

Is it possible?
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maybe make overlays, and make it change depending on the amount of points.

You could create a text overlay with the amount of points and set in the scene as UI :blush: But each time the amount of points changes, you’d have to create a new overlay and remove the previous one.
Here are some tutorials by me that could be helpful for that :slight_smile: :


Wow, this is really useful!!! Thank youuu! :heart_eyes_cat:
I may need it as well, dont mind me bookmarking it :eyes:

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Always happy to help :blush: Hmu if y’all need help on other stuff.
I also have other tutorials and a few pretty cool “how-to” threads on here :slight_smile: :blossom:

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