Is there a way to make an overlay INFINITELY flash?

i want my overlay to not rly flash but slowly blink, the thing is that i don’t want to keep on putting @overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity S in S

I want my overlay to just flash infinite times until the scene is over or unless i tell the script for the overlay to stop flashing, but i don’t know what the code is or if that’s possible…

&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in T then overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0 in T loop INFINITE times

You MUST use the & for the rest of your script to play out while it blinks.
T stands for the amount of time you want it to take to blink.
You can also swap out the word infinite for however many times you want it to blink, if there’s a specific amount.

Dara Amarie has that same code as well as many other templates and codes on her website and it’s soooo helpful


THANK YOU! this was super helpful :two_hearts::sob:

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You’re welcome!! :blush::heartpulse:

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