Is there a way to perfectly align overlays?

I’ve got my overlays in the perfect position but once I rotate them they move and then I have to align them again. Is there a way I can make the stay where I want them or align them easily again?

Thanks in advance

@Apes any ideas?


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What I do, is once I rotate them I shift them, and add those shift coordinates to the @create method or my background title.

So basically once I align them, I use those coordinates as my overlays shift from the moment I add it to my background

Sorry not sure I understand?

So use the same shift that it already is before I rotate them? Because I’ve tried that one but the still move when I want them to rotate

No, basically when I rotate my overlay to 0.5 0.5, it shifts to a different location.
Once I align the overlay to be where I want it to be, I use those shifts coordinates instead of my original one, make sense?

But wouldn’t that make the overlay start off in a different place?

Well it depends, yeah it would but, once you rotate the overlay it would be in the same place though, because of the anchor point. I think

I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

Once I aligned my overlay, I got rid of the original coordinates and added the shifted one to my shift, and it seems to rotate in the same spot as it did with the old coordinates, expect it doesn’t move to a different spot which is what we want to happen!

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me as I need it to rotate 90 then 180 the 270, then 360 so the after the 90 rotation it gets messy again :confused:

Wondering wether get some outlines to help re align them

try to shift it again after that maybe?

&overlay OL NAME shifts to aligned spot
@overlay OL NAME rotates blah blah

I feel like there is an easier way to this though, hopefully someone can help us out :joy:

If only there was some sort of math involved so u can work out where it needs to go :joy:

check this post here :slight_smile:


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