Is there a way to prevent this pause?

this is what’s happening

this is the script

INT. INN VIEW 2 - BOTH with INN_CHAIRS1 in zone 1 at layer 4 with INN_TABLE1 in zone 1 at layer 1 with INN_CHAIRS2 in zone 1 at layer -1 with INN_CHAIRS3 in zone 1 at layer -3 with INN_TABLE2 in zone 1 at layer -6 with INN_TABLE3 in zone 1 at layer -15 with INN_BALCONY in zone 1 at layer -17
@add Tankard Metal Silver to POORWOMAN6
@add Tankard Metal Silver to POORMAN12
@add Playing Card Solid to POORMAN11
@add Playing Card Solid to POORMAN10
@add Playing Cards Solid to POORWOMAN4
@add Playing Cards Solid to POORWOMAN5
&set hsl 0 -100 40 no_colorize with blendMode Multiply to 100% AND zoom reset AND POORMAN6 spot 1.280 256 -54 in zone 1 AND POORMAN6 faces left AND POORMAN6 moves to layer 3 AND POORMAN6 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN1 spot 1.008 152 104 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN1 faces left AND POORWOMAN1 moves to layer 2 AND POORWOMAN1 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN7 spot 0.959 117 123 in zone 2 AND POORMAN7 faces left AND POORMAN7 moves to layer 0 AND POORMAN7 is talk_sit_neutral_loop AND POORWOMAN2 spot 0.875 318 161 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN2 faces left AND POORWOMAN2 moves to layer 0 AND POORWOMAN2 is talk_sit_neutral_loop AND INNWAITRESS spot 0.842 353 152 in zone 2 AND INNWAITRESS faces left AND INNWAITRESS moves to layer -2 AND INNWAITRESS is idle AND POORMAN8 spot 0.739 221 219 in zone 2 AND POORMAN8 faces left AND POORMAN8 moves to layer -5 AND POORMAN8 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN9 spot 0.666 111 274 in zone 2 AND POORMAN9 faces left AND POORMAN9 moves to layer -4 AND POORMAN9 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN10 spot 0.623 295 290 in zone 2 AND POORMAN10 faces left AND POORMAN10 moves to layer -10 AND POORMAN10 is talk_sit_food_hand_neutral AND POORMAN11 spot 0.556 210 337 in zone 2 AND POORMAN11 faces right AND POORMAN11 moves to layer -12 AND POORMAN11 is talk_sit_food_hand_neutral THEN INNWAITRESS walks to spot 0.842 286 163 in zone 2 in 3 AND POORWOMAN3 spot 0.518 143 339 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN3 faces right AND POORWOMAN3 moves to layer -16 AND POORWOMAN3 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN4 spot 0.518 31 321 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN4 faces right AND POORWOMAN4 moves to layer -16 AND POORWOMAN4 is talk_sit_food_hand_neutral AND POORWOMAN5 spot 0.463 81 349 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN5 faces left AND POORWOMAN5 moves to layer -16 AND POORWOMAN5 is eat_sit_food_hand_neutral AND POORWOMAN6 spot 0.469 248 323 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN6 faces right AND POORWOMAN6 moves to layer -16 AND POORWOMAN6 is talk_cup_toast_happy AND POORMAN12 spot 0.487 16 369 in zone 2 AND POORMAN12 faces left AND POORMAN12 moves to layer -16 AND POORMAN12 is talk_cup_toast_happy AND POORMAN13 spot 0.530 128 334 in zone 1 AND POORMAN13 faces right AND POORMAN13 moves to layer -17 AND POORMAN13 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND POORMAN14 spot 0.493 206 358 in zone 1 AND POORMAN14 faces right AND POORMAN14 moves to layer -16 AND POORMAN14 is applaud_sit_happy_loop AND POORMAN15 spot 0.520 291 325 in zone 1 AND POORMAN15 faces left AND POORMAN15 moves to layer -14 AND POORMAN15 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN16 spot 0.665 83 240 in zone 1 AND POORMAN16 faces left AND POORMAN16 moves to layer -14 AND POORMAN16 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN17 spot 0.592 235 292 in zone 1 AND POORMAN17 faces right AND POORMAN17 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN7 spot 0.604 275 287 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN7 faces right AND POORWOMAN7 moves to layer -14 AND POORWOMAN7 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN8 spot 0.647 171 261 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN8 faces right AND POORWOMAN8 moves to layer -14 AND POORWOMAN8 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN9 spot 0.520 208 327 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN9 faces left AND POORWOMAN9 moves to layer -14 AND POORWOMAN9 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORMAN18 spot 0.234 225 631 in zone 1 AND POORMAN18 faces left AND POORMAN18 moves to layer -18 AND POORMAN18 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear AND POORWOMAN10 spot 0.215 283 633 in zone 1 AND POORWOMAN10 faces left AND POORWOMAN10 moves to layer -19 AND POORWOMAN10 is talk_sit_neutral_loop AND pause for 2 AND POORMAN12 is talk_cup_neutral_loop AND POORWOMAN6 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND POORMAN14 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND POORWOMAN5 is talk_sit_food_hand_neutral
&speechbubble is 165 228 to 83%

I know that pause at the beginning is caused by the prop command. & and AND commands don’t work with the @add command so…
I’m a bit bummed out by it. is it possible to avoid that short pause?

The pause most likely isn’t caused by the prop command. Add prop commands are 0 beats

Can you post your script so I can see what the issue is? (your screenshot is a bit hard to read)

sure :slight_smile:

You have a “then” hidden in your code. This is causing that pause. Change it to “and”

thanks!! that was it

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