Is there a way to recover unsaved script progress?

Today I was watching videos while writing and in one moment I got distracted so my PC decided to reboot.
I lost an entire scene, with spot command, advanced zooms, speechbubble placement + dialog… Boom! All to the trash.

Is there a way to retrieve that?
It took me almost an hour to get that scene done and I rlly don’t want to do it again, pls help :sweat:

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I mean I don’t know, sorry :no_mouth:

Read it wrong, oops

it’s okay, thx for trying to help tho!

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Because I kind of thought that you meant, that you saved it and you liked how it was before better.
I’m so sorry :woman_facepalming:

I wish that was my problem :joy::disappointed_relieved: but it’s cool dw : -)

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Hope everything will be alright. I know how terrible the feeling is.

I once even made a really short story, about how angry I was after I deleted a scene in my story.