Is there a way to reply to multiple replies at once?

I heard there was a limit to how many times you could reply? I don’t want to clog up a thread, is there a way to reply to multiple replies from different users at once or should I reply to each user individually?
P.S - Sorry, I’m a total noob here on forums :pleading_face:
Thank you~

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You arent a noob and there isnt a limit i dont think you could always @ them in one reply

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Some people will do something like this

@ reply
@ another reply

And so on


@PropertyofNae Oh, I see! Thank you!! Like this right?

@Kayla_episode1 This okay? Haha, I was searching the forum for solutions when I read from some users that they were only allowed three replies which is strange so I assumed that there was a reply limit to prevent spam (:

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Yep. I’ve seen people do that on a few threads :heart:


I think new users are limited to the number of comments they can post


as far as I know there is limit but for reacting on the same comment … not in general.

What I mean is that you reply to one specific comment that got another thought and reply again on that one specific comment… this is limited I believe to 3 replies.

But if you reply to another person or another post or another reply that there is no limit.

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