Is there a way to rotate the screen? 🤔

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I just can’t seem to find anything about it here. For those who watch a lot of TV shows, anime, etc, you know when it zooms all the way to the overhead level where only the characters’ heads can be shown? Sometimes, for example, if the scene was vertical, as it’s zooming in it becomes a horizontal screen where all three zones (in the case of Episode) would be shown. Is there a way of doing this? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, you can ask me to re-explain!

Not that I’m aware of, no. Although you could do this by using overlays and rotating them (it would take long but it’s definitely possible).

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You mean changing the perspective?
Like having the screen face them and then their backs. Then yeah you can do that.
If you just showed their heads if you want a over head view and get a different perspective of the room/background.
That is the only thing I can think of by what you have said.


if you make the BG as an overlay you can rotate it any way you want - but you cant rotate this way characters.

And think about if reader will appreciate that he has to turn his phone for a moment - at last I would not like it. :smiley:

And if you want to just by zoom make all 3 zones visible yes this is also possible - here quick example - just the black rims around look …uhh…dunno not my thing. :smiley:

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