Is there a way to use multiple different point systems?

Ending 1: Needs 100 A Points, 100 B Points, 50 C points
Ending 2: Needs 50 A Points, 50 B Points, 25 C points
Ending 3: Needs -30 A Points, -20 B Points, -10 C points


convert their points to a flag, that might make it easier

Yes, just create separate characters for A, B, and C and use those characters to add/subtract points


yes it is possible - just check if all possible point combinatins are covered (or have one last option for the one who do not fit any of this 3 posibilities - which in your theoretical example will be probably many)

You will use if/elif/else at the end of the sory for sorting out who will get what result. It will just be bit complicated than basic fi/elid/else due to the 3 point systems but for sure it is possible.

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Thank you.

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