Is there a way to use "timed" and "pan" at the same time with tappable overlays?

Well, it’s just as the title says: Is there a way to use “timed” and “pan” at the same time with tappable overlays?

like for example:
tappable [pan:1:3] [timed:13]

You mean like clicking an overlay for a limited time?

exactly! BUT with the pan function.

so i use “timed” + “pan” function together for the same tappable (choice)

I’m not sure if there’s a way to use timed and pan together, but you could make something similar.

For the timed tappable overlays, I use the opacity. For example, if it’s supposed to be clicked in 3 seconds, I just type in “@overlay title opacity 0 in 3” so it fades when they don’t click it. And I think you can use ui overlays for the pan. They will stick to screen and you won’t have to change their zones.

What kind of scene are you planning? I’m sure we can figure out something.

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thanks for the fast reply! but it’s a different situation… the problem is i wrote a scene with the pan option and then the reader needs to click on an item. i’ve already published it, but some readers aren’t able to experience the pan option, which means that they are stuck in the scene. to prevent that i wanted to add a timed function, so if they are frozen for 12 seconds, it will bring them to the label where they can skip the scene. do you know what i mean?

the problem is that the script won’t let me use timed and pan together

Sorry for the late response, I had to test a few things to give an answer. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately there isn’t any way to do that, as of now at least. The best thing to do would be adding a little “?” icon as helper. When the reader clicks this, it would bring them a menu made of choices (kinda like Q&As) and it would ask the reader if they can pan or not. Sorry, couldn’t help a lot. Let me know if you are interested in the “?” menu. I could get you one!

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thank you for your help and your fast replies, I appreaciate this a lot! :smiley: unfortunately the only reason i could came up with was to write this “mini game” entirely new, so it would work on every mobile device (that means i deleted the “pan” function, but let the tappable in it).

thank you though for your help love! :blush:

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