Is there an animation that's sitting and eating for limelight?

I tried to find one but i couldn’t. Do we have one?

Is this for LL or Ink?

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Oh limelight sorry i didnt mention that.

Let me check for you, there should be something.

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So there are no animations for sitting & eating.

Here’s a solution:

You can spot your character to be sitting down, and then make them do an eating animation, although they would be standing up, you’d move them down to the height they were when sitting down.
You can use the camera to zoom in to not show their legs, if they are talking.
However, if someone else is talking, then unless there was an overlay covering their legs from showing, there isn’t really a solution.

You can always support a thread that requests this animation to be put into Episode Portal:

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Thanks for looking for me though! I’ll probably just do the spot directing thing like you suggested. Hopefully they add some soon :confused:

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You’re welcome! Anytime. I agree, all we can do though is support threads that already exist, and bump them in hopes of Episode noticing and adding them in.

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This is really late for this thread, but maybe it will help someone else who is looking.

The animations I found were:

I just hate that all their eating animations are for eating with their hands. It would be cool to see them evolve to using spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks.