Is there an easier way for Gems?

Sorry for this because I’m sure it’s an often re-stared question, but I’m stuck…

I’ve struggled with the whole gems idea, really. Of course, I’d LOVE to be able to use all of the gems choices, but unfortunately, I HAVE NO GEMS!!

I’ve looked and looked and looked for more ways to get these gems, and the only way I have found is by reading the featured stories. This is a good way of doing it, but it is a dreadfully slow, and you only receive 1 gem per chapter. Some choice can be worth 15-30 gems, so I’d have 15-30 passes to use on the featured stories just to GET them gems, but then I have limited passes to use on the stories that I really want to read. I end up haveing no passes and no gems, and it kind of aggravating.

Is there an easier way to earn gems and save my passes? :gem:

I saw a youtube video. There is a website (not sure if it’s save) where you can earn them for free!

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Did the website work for you? I’ve tried multiple website generator things, but they never worked for me…

Just a reminder from the forum rules:

Can you please PM me the link to the video? Thanks!

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