Is there an easier way


I’m very new here so please don’t judge me. As you know i’m working on a story on the episode app and i can’t upload photos from the internet or from here i need help. So if you know how to do this please comment. Thank you


In the art catalog, in backgrounds, choose uploaded to your account instead of available for all stories, and then you can import your background




Unfortunately you can’t upload backgrounds to the Episode App you can only upload through the Writer’s Portal but once you edit in the Writer’s Portal you can no longer edit your story within the App, you can only view it.


it’s all good i skimmed it a first and then was like wait it said app lol


Sorry to bother u but i have no idea how to get a new background and clothes on to my story could u plz explain how to do it


Do you want to know how to upload you own background (you can’t upload your own outfits), or do you want to know how to change the background in an episode, and change the outfit of the character?


Ok to upload


Then as I said previously, you can’t upload your own outfits. However you can upload your own backgrounds.
To start with, go to the art catalog on the portal.

Then choose “uploaded to your account”.

You can then upload your backgrounds by clicking on the “select image” button.
Hope this help! And feel free to ask for more help!


Thank u so much


Is that on computer


Yes, you can’t upload background on the app, it must be on internet.


What about phone


Well you can do it on your phone using internet


You cannot do this on the app, you can do it on the internet on your phone, but not in the episode app itself with the story creator


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