Is there another way I can code label inside if/then statements or { }?


Hi Friends! Any kind soul that can help me as I’m stuck here.

Basic information:

I have 4 flags:
Basically, I’m done with one storyline. I’ve seen some authors made a loop if they have not completed the other storyline. So they put them in a loop just so readers won’t get their ticket wasted. Image shown is the second flag that I intend to put on a loop. Any advice? :’(

Missed out this part. I kept on getting ‘you cannot have a label inside if/then statements or { }’ with the coding shown in the image. And anyone identify the problem? :frowning:

Its okay! Problem Solved!!

I have the same problem, but I’m doing a different storyline because I let the readers choose whether or not they want a female love interest. How did you solve it?

Hi! Yes I did!

So apparently you have to do something like this:

Choice - Love Interest {


choice (loveinterest)
“Boy” {

gain loveinterest_boy
goto storyline

} “Girl” {

gain loveinterestr_girl
goto storyline


@pause for a beat


label storyline

Chosen Character {

If (loveintreset_girl){
[Your Story]

goto loveinterest_girl_continue
}else (loveibterest_boy){
[Your Story]

goto loveinterestboy_continue

label loveinterestgirl_continue
[Your story]

goto ending

label loveinterestboy_continue
[Your story]

goto ending

label ending.

So technically you have to use your goto* and labels* to jump around.

Not quite sure if you get it. But if you don’t, feel free to send me your code :slight_smile: slight_smile:

So many spelling error :sweat_smile: my phone touch sensitivity is not that good :stuck_out_tongue: