Is there any advice?


Hi … I broke up a few days ago and I’m not very well I feel very lonely and sad so I’d like to tell me If you got any advice to feel a little bit better. Thank you!!


Just get over it, Life moves on & you will find someone new or won’t cause you are strong & awesome so you will focus on your life, just focus on your own life (this is me & real feedback)

THe fake feedback is here

OMG i am so sorry for you, i hope you are feeling better, Tell me if you need any help. He\she don’t deserve you, take care

sorry just being truthful


Thank you so much for your advice I really appreciate it!! And for your honesty!!


Breaking up is a sad experience to go through. It’s normal to grieve for a few days but remember to move on! You have so much of life to experience and enjoy; can’t do that while upset. And if you ever want to talk, we are here for you : )


You’re a strong independent human that doesn’t need anyone.

(hope you feel better soon)


Ohh that’s so sweet of you thank you very much… sadly it’s an awful experience…


Thank you very much you are very sweet!!!


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