Is there any artist out the that can help me make a cover for " dealing with the two pranksters"?

If so I can do read4read with anybody.

If its in ink sure

Dang it. It’s not in ink sorry.

thats ok
Im have a friend who can do LL tho

requests open monday

Thank you so much, I’ll tag you when I post my story just because you helped.

Thank you


Where can I find her on here?

just ask @epi.kit_kat (me)
So i can assign the job

on ig

Yes please.


did u dm me?

I got the @epi.kit_kat part but to ask them what?
To assign a job?
I’m sorry I can be a little lost sometimes.

If you dm me
I will ask my friend to see if she wants to do it.
If not someone else in the group

It won’t let me access but is it okay I can pm on here with you or no?

well ik a few people on ig, you can ask them there

i will ask them and they can talk with you here

you probably wont get a response by monday because we are a bit busy