Is there any boys who are POC?


The title says it all. I just wondered if there was any Black, Asian, Arab, etc. boy that was in the community. It’ll be nice to get to know each one of you.


Heyo. Back to the forums in what seems forever. I am Nigerian!


Omg, really!? That’s cool. And welcome back. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I kinda left the forums because I was bored and didn’t have any friends but it’s nice to meet you!


Likewise. And it can get kinda boring on here at times, you just gotta know the right people to have fun.


I’ve kind of had a break from Episode in General not just the forums happy to come across this thread, got any cool friends? :sweat_smile:


Yeah. @Mary-P @Chocolate_Mama and @Coolepisodes They are pretty nice and funny


Ayeeeeeeee I was mentioned wassuppppppp


Aye, my friend.
I’m Mary from Ivoiry Coast.


Hello everyone should I introduce myself… I’M THE SHISTAR or just Sofija :sweat_smile:


Yoooooo @GamrrGuy if you ever need a forum wife I’d be willing :smirk:


The thirst.




cough Desperate cough

How many times d’you want me to do that today? :joy:




I was here first, hunny. :smirk:


@GamrrGuy if you need a friend who is funny and crazy I’m here lmao.


Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Winter! :slight_smile:


Bye everyone! See you!
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Hello :smirk:

Psh bug your dad

I will throw a virtual shoe at you