Is there any clothing for monsters in the Writer's Portal?

Hi people! So, I was making the script of my story here, Which is inspired by the movie “Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster”" Which is a continuation of my other story “Mystery Trio” Which was written entirely by cell phone, But it turns out that in the movie I want to be inspired by, frog monsters appear, and I don’t think there’s any frog costume, or anything like that, in the Episode costume catalog… (As far as I know) I have no idea what it could be… Does anyone have any ideas?.. (SORRY IF I WRITE SOMETHING WRONG, I do not speak English :cat:)…

Since this is in the “features” section, You need to change your title to something like

“Clothing: Fantasy Monsters” so that they don’t lock and send you a message telling you that the title format is wrong and needs changed.

I understood everything you said. There’s a part of your story where you want mythical/fantasy/sci-fi -ish monsters and you’re correct in the fact that there aren’t anything like that in the portal.

I personally support the idea of getting monsters/monster-like clothes. They would make the horror/thriller and fantasy writings much more awesome if the bad guy was in full Frog Monster gear instead of having weird green skin and a tailcoat. :slight_smile:

edit to add:

Something I’ve seen people do (besides changing skin colors and telling readers "this is X-type monster characterized by (insert features) ), is use overlays in place of actual characters. Obviously, this can look a little awkward if you can’t find several different frames and animate them but it’s an option. :slight_smile:


Yes! Episode should add stuff like that to the catalog! and it’s a great idea to use overlays… but it should be a lot more complicated. thank you! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Good luck. It’s definitely easier just to use one of those colorful skin tones, and search the clothes for older styles and or dirty looking clothes (since they’d be frog monsters) and just describe them to the audience so they can have a mental visual of what the ‘creatures’ look like.

For creation, you could choose to leave off the nose (by choosing the no preview option) and choose the more rounded eyes and bigger lips and a more rounded face? to give it a frog-ish look. :woman_shrugging: I’m just full of “this might work” today. LOL

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hey! .

I found a “Swamp Monster” costume but in the classic style this would be so perfect if they had added this outfit for the limelight :sob::sob:

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