Is there any gays scripts/stories?


Hi! I’m Dae-Jung and I’m gay. I’m new to Episode and would like to know if there is some stories with 2 boys falling in love together. All the storiesI have seen was about your main character being a girl and she was bisexual, a lesbian or a straight person. Is there a script with 2 gays?


My favorite: Suffocation by Sola


I think Homecoming Kings is one


Is this a story where being gay isn’t the only focus of the plot? Those ones really frustrate me.


Silver Sonder is really good


Dating a Thief by Logan & Maverick, Eternally Yours by Alexandria, What He Deserves by Dani Zuko, My Straight Friend by SABrooks (and some of his other stories), World of Rainbows by Sqaullr4, and if you check out this author (Sqaullr4), you’ll see that he has a bunch of those stories in his recommended page. And if I discover more, I’ll share with you. Also, have fun reading!


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