Is there any psh-psh sound in the portal?

Everything’s in the title :joy: spray paint sound, psh-psh or anything that sounds similar. I feel like there is one, but I can’t find the sound :frowning:

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NGL I giggled after reading this, then made the noise, and giggled again

This actually kind of sounds like it, except that instead of a psh-psh it’s a shh

There’s also this one

I realized that this kind of sound like when you shake the can, except with multiple cans

And this sounds like when you shake an empty can


Ahaha :joy: :joy: I literally don’t know the name of this sound :sob:

thank you for helping, I’ll be testing them to see if it fits the scene!

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I don’t know the names either lol, I was going through the sound list and playing the ones I thought might sound similar and I found the ones I posted.

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OMG I was searching for hush. :laughing: That’s a good one for fantasy stories (vampire showing fangs. :innocent: ), so you helped me also instead. :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: Thank you!!

Love A-W


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