Is there any thing wrong with this command?

When writing my script, I was just trying to make an overlay lay move to another spot in the same zone but it is not doing so.

INT. KITCHEN CLASSIC LUXURY - DAY with REDCUP to 0.410 114 608 in zone 3 with TEARDROP to 0.022 636 512 in zone 3
&set hsl 0 -62 0 in 0
&cut to zone 3
&zoom reset
@transition fade in white in 1
@MERFFY changes into orderingpizzamerffy
@MERAYA changes into orderingpizzameraya
@MERAYA spot 1.003 41 138 AND MERAYA faces right AND MERAYA is idle_sit_ankles_crossed
@MERFFY spot 0.978 406 170 THEN MERFFY walks to spot 0.978 258 171 in 3 THEN MERFFY is rear THEN MERFFY is talk_rear
@pause for 0.7
@add Red Cup to MERFFY
@MERFFY is drink
@pause for 0.6
@remove Red Cup from MERFFY
&overlay REDCUP shifts to 147 314 in 0
@MERFFY is blush
@pause for 2

The first bolded part is the position the overlay is in now, and the second bolded part is the command not working in the preview. The overlay just stays at the same spot when the other command is supposed to occur. Is there something wrong with my script?

I would really appreciate the help! Thank you!

Hey! According to me the mistake is that you don’t write &overlay REDCUP, It should be &REDCUP

Oh ok! I’ll try that

Oh nvm I fixed my mistake! It was something above the script that I mistyped. Someone can close this post! Thank you btw.:relaxed:

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actually, that is correct. what you said it’s wrong. you have to specify it’s an overlay each tie

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Yeahhh…you are right
My mistake :sweat_smile:

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