Is there any way to make a looping backround

In need of help.

Here’s a hack (ish)

Hate to be lazy, but is there any way I could copy and paste how that’s done?

I’m not sure what you mean?

I’m sorry, made that really confusing :joy: I just wanted to know if there was any better way to know what to do. I couldn’t really make sense of what they did.

you could use labels e.g

label (scene_name)

insert context of scene

goto (scene name)

doing the above will mean that once it gets to the end of the scene it will go to the start of that scene and play over again.

Note: this will keep doing this rather than only looping once or twice.

Edit: This I may have miss understood the question sorry

Hahahaha, basically, you upload it as an overlay and to have it looping, you’d have the overlay shifting command on a loop. That’s my basic understanding of it

Thank you both so much! I’m really trying to make an effort with my story.

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