Is there any way to make it so my reader can check their points?

I wanted to know if there was any way for my readers to check their points. As well as gems, I wanted to add a money system using points. That way some choices could be free if they had the points to do so (like clothing options or gifts). I wanted them to earn money via good deeds and also working (since the character has a job I was thinking that you gain a bit of money at the start of every chapter). But then I realized that there wouldn’t be a way to see how much money you have at the time. I know a way to make it work without a counter but I feel like a counter of some sort would make things easier. Is there any way to do something like that? Would a money system like this even be useful? Or even work?

when you open the characters’ list in the story, go to the character you use for the points. you’ll see that at the end of the URL of the page there is a bunch of numbers. now, copy those numbers and use them in the script like this:

You have [numbers here] coins!

remember to use the parenthesis

Actually I am a bit confused- When typing it in it ignores the parenthesis? Is there a way to fix that?

Edit: My apologies I fixed it! :slight_smile:

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