Is there any way to make this script?

Is there any way for make a choice that changes not the on story name, the on script name of some character?
If you know, reply me! :heart:


Can you explain a bit better, I don’t understand what you’re asking… :slight_smile:

I want a script that is able to change the Script Name of a Character:

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I don’t think that’s possible

It was for make love interests easier, so, if you choose girls I will name a girl “Crush” and if you choose boys I will name a boy “Crush”… Anyways, thank u :sweat::heart:

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Do you want to change the name? Or allow the reader to change the name?

Allow the readers to change the “Script” name.

put “NAME” instead of “MIKE” in the display name

@Dara.Amarie has a very good walkthrough for doing just that, let me find it.

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