Is there any way to stop the "error message" emails?


I’m sure many writers are familiar with emails like these:

Is there any way to stop these? I quit writing around September last year and these emails are kinda annoying now… :frowning_face:


Just delete your story if you haven’t deleted it yet.
Maybe this will stop the error messages.


I’ve tried but there is no delete button because the stories already have code, outfits and characters… :confused:


Easiest way would probably be to either block the email or categorize it as spam.


There are no delete buttons for stories after you have already wrote and typed a story. And you can unsubscribe to stop receiving emails.


Thank you! :blush:


Thank you! I’ll unsubscribe right now. :grin:


@Jeremy @Ryan Could one of you guys please lock this thread, I’ve found a solution to my issue. :grin:


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