Is there anybody who would want to help me out with really good limelight cover art?



Hi, I’m A.J! :grinning:
I’m wondering if there’s anybody who is a really good artist for limelight cover art? I’ve been trying to make them myself but didn’t turn out very well… :tired_face: Is there anybody who can help me out? :thinking::relaxed:


I can try


Those are really good! Here’s the info that you might need!

My Story title is "Unforgettable"


This one of the characters (Audrey)

This is her boyfriend (Grey)

The font

I’d like the font to be in cursive (Both the title and my name)

Character's positions

I would like Ethan to have his hands around Heather’s waist and Heather has her head on Ethan’s chest. It would be nice if Heather has her eyes closed like if she’s just admiring the moment and Ethan is looking down at her.

Author's name

My name is A.J

Type of cover

I would like this to be both the small cover and the large cover.

Thank you for your time and help! :grin:
Don’t be afraid to PM me if you have any questions!
It’s fine if you can’t do the characters positions… I might be expecting too much from people… I’m sorry if it seems like that!


I can do it but when’s the latest I can have it done by


I’m actually really flexible! Whenever you feel comfortable, I don’t want to pressure you!