Is there anyone else's computer that becomes REALLY slow when using Episode?

I have only written the Pilot this far and my computer (MacBook pro) becomes really slow. I write a sentence and it takes like 30 seconds if not more for it all to show up on the script.

When I have Episode up on my computer and I search on a new page that page also becomes really slow. I use safari, so the entire Safari becomes really slow and freezes at times.

My computer only uses about half, if not less, of it’s space and is usually pretty fast, so this is really annoying and writing my story takes forever now :frowning:

Does anyone else experience this and do you have any tips on what to do to make it better?


You mean when using the writer’s portal?

My computer doesn’t really get slow, but it heats up and the fans go crazy. I use the portal on Chrome.


Hello! I’m as well operating on the same type of computer so I’m hoping I’ll be able to help. :smile: Here are some tips that I use in regards to keeping my computer running smoothly while using the Episode Writer’s Portal.

  • Keep only one tab open: I despise the necessity of opening new tabs to locate backgrounds as much as the next person- but I find keeping the tab open stalls my computer’s deliverance process. To speed up your computer, deal with the hassle. Would you prefer ease? Or a well running computer?

  • Animations list: KEEP IT CLOSED! Temporarily opening it to locate poses is fine- but close it directly after!

  • No apps running in background: Ensure that everything except for your browser is not operating, Often, a computer will use its resources to keep things such as music, or other apps going.

  • Google Chrome: Episode is actually supposed to work the best on Google Chrome rather than Safari. It simply helps speed the process.

  • The gap: Hit tab several times so that the lines of script are already there rather than opening them when you go to write on the line. Simply move up and down to write on each.


Now I read this, I see why my computer always goes crazy as soon I open writer’s portal. I can hear the fans start whooshing because I have apps on my computer (extensions and stuff though) and I play music, keep the art catalog, forums, and animations list on at all times, and I have several desktops with many tabs.
Thank you for this information!


Haha, no problem! Happy to help. :slight_smile:


I thought it’s only my laptop because it’s relatively old :sweat_smile:
sometimes I need to turn it off and let it cool down to be able to work on my story at all

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I rarely use the previewer. It causes my laptop (also a macbook) to overheat almost instantly so I usually direct using my ipad.
Everything else seems alright though. Sometimes it can be slow when I first enter the portal but after that, everything seems fine. I haven’t really had any issues with the exception of the previewer.

Yeah my computer heats up like crazy too! It does it less than before now but it still gets hot from time to time

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Thank you for your tips!

I’ll give using chrome a chance too to see if it gets better!

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Yepp same XD

Safari is still slow though even if I only have one tab open :frowning:
But maybe It takes a little bit of time for the computer to come back and be normal again.

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Haha nope :joy:
I sometimes shut my mac down and just sits there, trying to not become too irritated at it :joy:

Maybe I should try that too (using an iPad.)

My fans act up over time, but otherwise not really. I use a Lenovo laptop and I’ve seen from other forum users they use my brand and it works fine.


I use a macbook air as well, and for the past 2 months, my computer crashes almost everyday, and it’s very annoying, so some of my stuff doesn’t get saved. It does this at random, and can go up to 3 times a day. I’m waiting until the next holiday to get this fixed, since I have to use it everyday for schoolwork.

Honestly. I use Chrome on my computer, and it’s slow there too. I’d say, don’t open more than 3 tabs.

Macbook Air 2015. My computer just crashed 5 minutes ago actually, and it was really annoying,

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omg same here, and Ik if this is just me but the fan in my laptop gets so much dust in it, and then it over heats like crazy… swear it’s more hot than hell.