Is there anyone here that has quit writing because there are hardly any reads to their story?

I’m just curious because I don’t really have many reads on mine, and I pretty much feel like I’m wasting valuable time working on something that I’m not getting any feedback on. I’d hate to quit because I enjoy working on it, but there’s no point in continuing if there’s lack of interest.


You should write a story because you like writing, coding it. Of course it’s well more motivating when your story has a lot of reads. I think you should continue writing it as longs as you have ideas, and as long as you still enjoy writing it. If you want some feedbacks and some reads, you can promote your story on the forum. I’d also love to read your story so give me its name :wink:


It’s called Some Sort of Drama.

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what’s one of your stories called, I’d love to give some feedback to you on it if you really need it.

I promoted it when I first uploaded it but I haven’t been sure on how often after a certain point. And I don’t want to give away too much detail without revealing anything in the story.

It’s called Some Sort of Drama.

I had one person do a review on it awhile back and I felt it sort of hurt some potential it could’ve had due to a bit of misinterpretation.

If you like writing it, then don’t stop. If it’s something you’re passionate about then you should never give up. You never know, maybe one day you’ll get a ton of reads! Although if you like writing, then reads are really not important. :sparkling_heart:

True, but it still helps to have motivation

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Yeah I completely understand that :grin:

You can watch my new youtube video I give you some helpful tips on how you can be successful on episode. Give me your episode story link and I will check it out and give you some feedback.

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Cool, I’ll read it if you keep writing it :smiley:

I sometimes feel this way whenever I realize my story is probably never gonna get many reads, but writing it is too much fun, that I don’t quit. Honestly, you should continue as long as you enjoy working on it! The reads will come someday!


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Thanks, I’ll try my best

Is this your story? I’ll read it!

Yep, thanks I hope you like it

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