Is there anyone on here who's Muslim and wouldn't mind giving me a hand?

So, in my story, I have a character called Zaynah who is a massive human rights activist and also sticks to her Muslim routes. She is extremely important for my story and, as someone who isn’t Muslim, I would love to hear a little feedback if you could! I would hate to mess up such a lovely, amazing character!

I was wondering if there are any quotes in the Quran which specifically call for people to help their fellow man? If so, could you point me in the right direction? Also, if any of you know a little Arabic, I would love to know if there are any idioms or sayings which involve being helpful and considerate to others. Anything which is related to Islamic or Arabic culture that Zaynah could draw her strength and courage from - something that could speak to her from her routes which would help to shape who she is as a person?

Also, I would love your feedback in general if you’re a practising Muslim in an English-speaking country on how you have felt here growing up? As much as you’re willing to share would be perfect!

Just for a little bit of background information, I modelled this with one of my old friends in mind. She died when I was a bit younger. I miss her terribly. She was one of my closest friends and I would love to pay tribute to her. One thing that stood out for me is that she was always willing to help others with a smile on her face. I feel like, especially in the media nowadays, Muslims like her don’t get enough credit, so I would love to do this character some justice!

Thank you so much in advance!


I can’t wait to read this amazing story, I’m also very sorry to hear that you lost one of your closest friends both so young :disappointed_relieved: and I’m a Muslim, one thing you should do is make her accepting to other people, like say she might have a friend who let’s go of their moral beliefs, she might still try and nudging them back to it, but also accepts it.


I’d love to read your story! I am a Muslim myself


Hiya! It’s a spin-off from my main story ‘The Queen of Freaks’ and it’s called ‘Much Ado About Anabelle’. At the moment, she’s one of the most important secondary characters, but I would love to see the reader response towards her because I’ve got a whole story for her planned!

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Wow! I’ll check it out


Do you sill need help? Here some info: (Something Old I have written to someone)

  1. At 6:00 or before the sun comes up, we do morning prayer or Fajr prayer. I don’t really do it but I’d be nice to include it. Before we do it, we clean behind our ears, neck, feet, and face. We wear modest clothing during it as well. However, we are unable to do it if the women is on their cycle/period because are body is uncleansed and shouldn’t be on the prayer rug. (There are also other prayers or Salah: five. An article that can help you: I wouls suggest to add the morning and night prayer if you don’t want to add all of the other ones. My family usually does the morning and night.

  2. It’s not forced to wear a Hijab. However, it matters where you are from because in some places it is. In the Mosque, we have to. When wearing a Hijab in the Mosque, you must wear fully covered clothing. Outside at anytime, we can wear any modest clothing. Here’s a thread to help you with the clothes: Clothing Representation on Muslims

  3. It matters by what type of Muslim because for me, I am part of the Nation Of Islam, the same Muhammad Ali was. We do not specific foods, prescribed by the book: How to Eat to Live. We do not eat pork or peanuts. Here is the main points for it:

  • 95% of your food should be plant-based.
  • Eat your largest meal at breakfast, a mid-sized lunch, and small dinner.
  • Stop eating when you’re 80% full.
  • If you need to snack, make it a piece of fruit or handful of nuts.
  • Cook most of your meals at home and eat with friends and family as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about what we eat, I suggest to read the book.

  1. We aren’t supposed to date but some of us do. If you want your characters to have a lover, then by all means go ahead. But make sure they are not to touchy, that goes to my next point–

  2. We are not to show public affection with a lover unless we are married. If we are, we can kiss on the cheek or lips and hold hands but nothing to much after that point.

  3. No committing adultery: no alcohol + no sex before marriage, etc.

  4. No tattoos

  5. We read the Qu’ran and we can read the bible too. Our main text is the Qu’ran though, so don’t take the bible part too far.

If you want more, you can do your own research but if you want to know about the one I am in the Nation of Islam, I have a website to help:


We’re not allowed to eat peanuts?

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It’s different for other Muslims. :sleepy: Like for me I can’t cause I am part of the Nation of Islam but other ones probably do like Sunni etc


I’m a Sunni, though…

So you might do but I don’t. I am not Sunni so :sweat_smile:

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Oh. You’re not a convert, right?

I do not convert or plan on doing so.

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  1. Download the Everything Islam app on Android, iphone and i think elsewhere also can.

  1. Visit Islamic Quotes page on Facebook.

  2. You can check out these Youtube channels.

image image image

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For me personally, I’m from Singapore, South East Asia. It is an English speaking country. It is definitely not in China. The Big 3 Major Races in Singapore: Chinese, Malay & Indian. There are smaller % of Eurasian & other races. We are a multi-racial and multi-religious counntry and society that live harmoniously with each other. #RegardlessofRaceLanguageOrReligion (thats part of our national pledge). We live in mutual understanding, tolerance and open mindedness about each others cultures, beliefs, religion and more. We also seek to better understand each other so that we can get along even better. No guns for civilians in Singapore. Thus for me I feel very safe in Singapore.

Oh. Me neither.

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