Is there anyone who can make a cover of art?


Character details

Hair: Hair flip
Color Hair: medium warm brown
Skintone: Neutral 03
Face shape: diamond long
Nose: Defined neutral
Lips: full heart pouty
Color lips: Beige light gold matte
Eyes: Deepset downturned
Color eyes: Aqua blue
Eyebrows: Arched thick
Color Eyebrows: chestnut brown

Characters outfits: The "Deep V Swimsuit Lycra Grey White "

A girl who is surfing on a wave her hair is in the wind and she is smiling.
he wave can look like this.
The sun is shinning and with a blue sky.

and i would like this to be digital art and it doesn’t have to look exactly like the description or the bathingsuit but something that looks like that.

And i would like the text to say
and the text can look like this


To the right side.


Hey I can just request on this thread!


Thanks but i need digital art


Here are some examples


You mean drawn?


We can do that!:grinning:




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