Is there anyone who can make me an overlay?

Is there anyone who can make a leg overlay LIMELIGHT

Skintone is Neutral 03
A bare leg

Hey, I can give it a shot! Can you send me a photo of the character?

Yeah but the character has pants on there and i can’t remember how to take a screenshot on my computer.

Ah, I’ll try to do it from my iPad xx

The character is female, right?


Okay, I’ll see what I can do :heart:

@Hannah_minna Here it is :heart:

Can you make it sit?

Ah okay :heart:


@Hannah_minna I tried to cover up the hand on the knee, don’t know how it turned out but here it is

Can you make it a png?

I think it’s png haha

Ah nvm be right back

No i checkt

I think this is png

Gosh wait let me use a converter

This is really weird. It says it’s png in my files but when I upload it it turns into jpeg