Is there anyone who knows how to get in contact with the creators behind episode life?



Hey is there anyone who knows how to get in contact with the creators behind episode life?


As far as I am aware, Joseph Evans runs the site. He has Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter

This link will send you to a place where you can also send an email to him directly if you wish to contribute to the site.

His gmail is


i srly need help with my story. it is sooo confusing as hell.


What do you need help with exactly?


i need help with story, i feel like i should just give up or something. it is confusing as hell. like i am trying to let the characters:pensive::anguished: enter or stands but they can’t stay when i cliched the preview thing and with the spot directing… is hell of confusing. everything is. it keeps tells me that i have errors when i type @pause for 7


I’m going to suggest starting with Joseph Evans videos.

He’s very good and very clear in his explanations and helped me out a lot when I started. And it’s a lot easier to understand than the episode guides.

I also find the web previewer glitchy so I just test it on my phone, which makes my life a bit easier.


ok okay. thank u soo much


No problem.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me




And also @Syrelle how do i make the choice matter? like i want to put +choice matter thing. how do u do that?


So like when the reader makes a choice and you want to tell them that their choice matters?


yes, that’s what i want


So what you can do is this. The bit in bold is a command that you can write and it has a little bubble show up from the top. Then it disappears after 5 or so seconds.

“CHOICE 1” {
readerMessage Your choice matters…
What happens in the choice…


oh okay thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:




Some overlays i need getting made


What is exactly you need help With


I have already use them but thats not What i need help With i need help With making a matching overlay to one of his backgrounds


You also have to use gains, so your story can remember the choice.


how do u do that?