Is there anyone who knows why it doesn't work?

When you choose “ice latte”
And the waiter gives drink and instead of the character says “here you go a ice latte”
the character says “here you go a caramel latte and almond milk”

it’s nothing wrong with coding, reset your story progress or unflag the gains.


Click on Story modifiers and then flags (you can ungain flags, or gain them)

Send us the new version of the coding, if there are still errors

How do you get another overlay over the first one?

change the layers (put one under another one)

Can you write it to me it doesn’t stand

Everything is in my guide :slight_smile:

@overlay OVERLAY to layer #

But how do you know what nr. layer it is?

in my guide if you look you have a reference picture to show you how layers work (image with characters just show you an example of layers)

I don’t understand
Can you elaborate?

did you look on my thread?


so this picture showing you how layers work
So if you want one overlay to be behind another one. Move to front one to layer 1 for example and behind one to layer -1

Can you write it like it should be wrote?

Can you write it for me?

@overlay OVERLAY to layer 1
@overlay OVERLAY1 to layer -1