Is there anyone who needs someone to code?



Hey guys is there anyone who needs a coder i am available


Do you need help/advise ore do you need a coder?:

What is it you need help/advice for? ore what is it i am gonna code for you?:

When do you need me available?:

Have you requested anyone else to code for you? And when?:

Is it a story you want be to code ore a template/script?:

Anything else?:


You NEED to fill out the form ore i wont do it
NO DRAMA!!! if you create drama on this thread i WILL delete your comments and report you.
If i a gonna code for you, you NEED to have somewhere like an Gmail/instagram where i can contact you.

Thanks for requesting and like this thread if it helpt you

Anyone who needs a coder? (LIMELIGHT ONLY!)
Is there anyone who needs a coder for a story?
Is there anyone who needs a coder for a story?

Hey guys if there is any one who needs a coder ore someone to help them with a problem about coding go in on this link.