Is there nobody here? helllo?

I did make 3 post already, not one answer :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Yeah, that tends to happen pretty often. With me, at least. I usually have to share it with other people to notice it.


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that is so sad because i am stuck no.

hello x

:smile: this happens to me all the time

Are you online rn ?

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Oh phew thought oyu werent online
do you still want the profile picture

me to do yours yes of course. the circle you mean.

Yes thats what I mean

ok give me all the details you want , i think you already have a beautiful one but you make your own choisis.
What kind off background and stuff. If you have examples.
And the picture off you do you still have it.

Oh I thought you wanted one lol

Hi I’m here☺

no dear mine is good. xxx
But I can’t put it on like it should I changed it with the new one, and it is still the old that comes up.

are there no rules here that I can read maybe it is written ho big he has to be. @Jeremy I can’t place my banner and there is a piece clear and the other there is a layer on it, can you help me, please.

@Zoekezoef I have no idea what you are talking about since your op topic was incredibly vague. Care to elaborate? Thanks.

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if you click on my name, you see my flags and stuff i put a banner there but i cant get him right you see a thing clear and the rest is white.

Ah ok. Well here is the only info we have regarding the banner which is also available to you right underneath it. Hope this helps.

Also, moving this to Episode Fan Community since I am guessing this has to do with the forums? :wink: