Is there some sort of glitch with the trending section?

My story is ranked way higher in the portal than it is shown on the app and it’s shown to rank higher overall than in the genre it is in which makes no sense. Is there some sort of glitch going on? Also my phone is not updated to the latest ios

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hmm… I don’t know what this is? Submit a ticket

I find that the rankings always seem to get messed up around this time at night :rofl::woman_shrugging:. Mine have been bouncing all over the place. Ten minutes ago one of my stories was showing on the portal as #144 in thriller. Now it’s showing #8 (which should be correct) but 6350 overall which I’m pretty sure is wrong lol

Just had a look in the app and all the sections look messed up lol. I’m sure it will go back to normal soon.


This happens to me once in a while, and it’ll make no sense but it’ll eventually fix itself. :slight_smile:

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same lol wth is going on. Also I checked on another phone and the trending section is TOTALLY different from the trending section on my phone. lol shouldn’t it be the same regardless of who’s phone it’s on?

I find that the sections often vary slightly between my android and apple devices :woman_shrugging:. I wonder if it’s a timing difference between different devices or something? I really have no idea though lol

That moment when your trending user story rank is less than your genre rank :joy:


For once I wish I could glitch up :joy:
Whenever there’s a glitch I always end up at #203958902862 overall but surely some people would be glitching into the top 100? Why can’t I be one of those people :sob::rofl:


I often get told I’m at #20 in comedy when I’m actually closer to #120. One time I was at like #400 in comedy, but the portal was convinced I was trending at #200 overall which is definitely not possible. It borks all the time.

Weird glitches :joy:

Did someone notice the 15 million reads glitch? It’s when a story has a really low number of actual story views and it shows like it has 15 million. Weird, ha? What’s going on in that system?


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