Is there someone who is good at scripting?


And can put my script in his writer portal to see what I mean because putting the script here you will not see what i mean xxxx


i’m good at coding but i still have those stupid questions because i forget


I fave used the fall animation but because she is in the way he can’t fall fully, it is good like that for me …


use spot directer and make thye male character a bit smaller
also is english ur primary language


I think that is the full animation for the fall animation


no normally he falls really to the ground like with a fight.


Are you sure that isn’t a different animation?


u have idle fallen or fallen


No it is dutch why xxx


just because seemed like ur grammer was a bit oof


That’s why i have a proofreader lol


oof so i can help u with ur script if u still need help


You can always try my story.

It is not a teenager story

A classic love drama… with a special person Dr. Love, attempted murder and betrayal and that for a young girl who is becoming a psychiatric nurse…who will save her?

it is a little bit of everything romance, drama thriller, …