Is there someone who speak fluent Italian? :)

Is there someone who can translate English to Italian? I can’t speak a word Italian and google translate, Isn’t really reliable. So If there’s someone who can help, please let me know :)). Thank you!!


Here you go! :white_heart:


Thank you, I already commented on that one :))

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i dont know alot of italian (when i mean not alot i mean i only know two words) but i do know to words. the second one is if your story contains bad words
Grazie: Thank you
Vaffanculo: F*ck you
Hope that helps

The Vaffanculo I will remember :joy: :joy: :joy:
Thank you!

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I am going to study Italian. Of course, with the help of a dictionary, I can say a couple of phrases. But after I went to the site I learned the methods of learning a foreign language in a short time. The main thing is desire. Everything can be learned and mastered.

@Judly @chanel.write

Uhm, you might wanna censor the swear word even in Italian, because you might not be sensitive to it, but Italian speakers like myself are. Just like you censor a curse in English you should do the same in every language if the word is perceived as such. And yeah, vaff***** is very much a swear word.

Anyways, I don’t remember if you visited our shop, but if you need Italian translations please go there. You’ll get safe native approved translations!

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