Is there something wrong with my code?

It keeps saying error, but I don’t see something wrong with it. Unless, it’s a dumb one. :joy:


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it should just be @CHAR spot 0.986 67 282, without the word “starts”

Oml ty :sweat_smile:

I know this isn’t related but i need help with my story please


Thank you for replying so fast <3 anyways so i want my character who is already in zone 2 to walk to zone 5 but nothing seems to work :frowning:

there is a zone 5 for your background?

Yes there is its this background the club one

What you do is you say

@Character enters from left to screen center

@follow Character to screen center in zone 5

I did that it didn’t work :frowning:

are you using limelight or ink?

Ill show you some of the script


@follow CHARACTER1 to zone 5 AND CHARACTER1 is animation
@follow CHARACTER1 to zone 3

try that

@follow CHAR to screen ______ in zone ___

For spot placement:

&pan to zone ___
@character walks to S X Y in zone ___

Ok I’ll try that I’ll let you know if it works

It didn’t work the last one you showed me

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you forgot to say walk to spot

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Ohhh my bad im sorry ill see if it works again brb

So it’s not like smooth you know, when she walks it only shows one zone then when it pans to the other side it doesn’t show her walking she just spawns out of no where