Is there something wrong with the Writer’s portal?

Hey guys is you’re writer’s portal working for you? It’s not working for me when I’m on my laptop but it’s working perfectly fine when I go on the website on my phone.

It keeps saying this when I’m on the website from my laptop

Please try to help guys.


this happened to me before, try closing the tab and opening it again :blush:

Ok. I’ll try. Thanks :blush:

Refresh your page!

Tried that and I’m afraid it didn’t work :unamused:

Maybe try a different browser?

I usually turn my computer off than turn it back on it works for me. Maybe try that…

This is happening to me too :woman_facepalming:t2:

It has happened to me before I refreshed my page like 5 times cancelled the tab and made a new one

I’ll try, thanks for the suggestion :blush:

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I’ll try, thank you :blush:

Oh, it’s so weird

Yeah no problem

It’s just episode loading your preview, just wait for it to fully load :slight_smile:

I have but no matter how long I wait for, it doesn’t work

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Click the preview button again, switch off and back on your network, restart your computer, try from another device…
Hope one of these solves the problem!

I’ll try but what kind of device? It works on my phone but not on my laptop. I don’t have any other device

What version of windows do you have?

Idk, I’ll have to check but I use Firefox browser when I’m on my laptop

Is it windows 7? 8? 10?
Episode updates the writer’s portal, as well. So, perhaps they did an update and now you can’t preview.
So, if you have windows xp and vista the previewer may not work since those versions of windows aren’t supported any more.
Is it posible you can use another browser like google chrome or Opera instead?
Perhaps, it will work in those browsers.
Google chrome is way more faster though in my opinion that is.
I hope this helps.