Is this a bug? Idk

I have no idea if this is a bug or not but I noticed that one of the new haircuts doesn’t have the Brown Black color. When I change my character’s haircut, it automatically goes to Black Dark. It doesn’t bother me I just noticed and thought I’d share :joy::sweat_smile:



it’s not a bug. multiple hairstyles don’t have certain colors or have more than usual, it’s just how they’re released i guess.

Wow that’s… weird? Why would they do that? Idk

yeah it is lmao, i wish we had the same hair colors for every hairstyle but we don’t unfortunately :skull:

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Yep, that’s true, I’ve noticed this as well, some hairstyles have more, and some have less :jack_o_lantern:


Try in your script @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Brown Black

That sucks that they just don’t release The colors for all hairstyles.

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