Is this a cliche story?

Not much to say but, I was wondering if my story description was a cliche story? I know people hate cliche stories and i dont want my story to be that :sweat_smile:

So here I am asking
Your a girl with suicidal thoughts, depression and a passion for writing but what happens when the only person left in your life would be gone.
(Im still thinking of other stuff to add to the desc.) But this is what ive got so far


nope not at all and its a good idea you might even get featured


can I help you write the story

Sure :+1:

what do you need help with I’m good at making characters,outfit,coding,spot directing,making backgrounds,making text overlays, and making backgrounds We can chat at discord or here

@AmyAn, have you researched things about suicide, depression and how people use writing as their outlet?

Im gonna research about it :blush:
Because i dont want to make a story about depression and stuff when i dont even know about it

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Good!! I can’t wait to read it then. :blush:

Ann it sounds great. You klnow the group can help with coding aand art :bllush: love ya, AA girl

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Nononononoooooo love it, defo will read :slight_smile:

it sounds good, but please research these topics specifically and look really deep into it (instead of just looking at the overall information), it’s definitely better if you’re educated on these topics instead of just putting them without further information. i’ll read it when it comes out, it sounds really interesting!

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I like the description! It’s definitely original and NOT cliché.

I think the way you portray her mental illnesses and thoughts is important.
Portray them effectively and realistically. That’ll make it stand out from the rest.

I could really use some help :blush:

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I gotchu gal.

Im researching on it because why publish a story when you dont know anything about it?

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rersearching on what? suicide?

Depression and yes suicide

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I can help.

It feels like you’re drowning in air and you can’t find a way out. It feels like there’s an ocean between you and everyone else you know. You feel like you want it to end but it never will. Like the world is ending but somehow you’re the only thing being forgotten…