Is This A Glitch? Or Did I Royally Screw Up?




    AZURA 7 YEARS OLD (talk_excited_happy)
Come on, I'll show you my other friends!

&ZEAH 7 YEARS OLD starts listen_nod_happy_loop
@pause for a beat
&cut to zone 2
&zoom on 557 270 to 192% in 1
@YOUNGEST FRIEND1 spot 0.338 136 406 AND YOUNGEST FRIEND1 faces right AND YOUNGEST FRIEND2 spot 0.338 164 407 AND YOUNGEST FRIEND2 faces left
@AZURA 7 YEARS OLD walks to spot 0.338 244 405 in 4 AND ZEAH 7 YEARS OLD walks to spot 0.338 209 404 in 4
@AZURA 7 YEARS OLD faces left



Oh my haha it’s just a weird glitch. Try restarting the app.


Oh, my. You might need to submit a ticket to let Episode look into this. Unless, restarting it solves it.


Restarting solved it. Thanks guys, ahahah.


That looks WAY too funny, man! :laughing:


I just prolonged my life. Thank you.

Glad it soleved itself for you.



Glad this got resolved! And thanks for sharing this vision of perfect horror, closing! :v:t2: