Is this a good cover?


Is this a good cover?


ITS AWSOME but you need a cooler title


Ok. Thanks!


would you like to join a art group



I think it’s great, but the top of her head is cut off in the first one

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I saw.:blush:


I absolutely love the small cover, but I’m not a fan of the large- personally, I think the watermark takes up wayyy too much space (not sure if you can control that) and as others have mentioned, the top of the head being cut off is distracting.


Thanks for the feedback!




Um, I think you want to put the characters back in the mirror instead of her front.
I do like the shading, very much.


I think the small cover looks amazing but the large covers have some flaws that could be fixed. A few others mentioned this but the head being slightly cut off is a little random and distracting. The background is a bit blurry too but if you blur it further correctly, you could pull it off as a design feature. You could just leave it alone as well; it looks fine anyway :slight_smile: The font is nice and simple but I think your watermark is a little too big.
The second batch of art you posted looks really nice but, in the first one if possible, maybe you could add the shadow of the character too because the trees are casting shadows and it’s a little out of place. This isn’t too noticeable though, of course. In the second one, the reflection should be of her back and, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s a dancing studio so maybe her pose could be a bit more ‘groovy’. Although you can keep the pose the same, I still think the reflection should be fixed. :smile: Other than that, love your work <3




Can I use the examples for the group thread







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