Is this a good idea? Now hiring people to help!


I’m thinking about doing a topic about beauty hacks or everyday girl things like relationship advice. Do you think y’all girls would like this?

If yes,

Should this be public or in the pm

  • Pm
  • Public

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Would you join?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Idc

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Do you want to help me with this?

  • Yes pls
  • Sorry I’m not good with this stuff (that’s why I’m here)

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If you voted yes pls pm


  • 13 or above
  • You have to be a girl (well duh)
  • You can’t cause drama
  • You have to respect others and if you have questions pls be patientence.
    Any suggestions for the title are welcome!

If you want to join pm me

Tags for ppl who want to join


I feel like a lot of things would be fine to be public, but it should be who ever needs advice could say: “actually, could we pm about this?” Or if they don’t care or would prefer it public, then yeah. You get my idea. -_^

Maybe. I’ve been told I give pretty good advice, but I’m also kind of a blunt person as well as a simpleton for lack of better words. XDXD Life is a lot more complicated for most people than how I see things, so. Shrugs. I could try though.


I want to join :sweat_smile: i have a lot of boy problems at the moment and got no friends to ask for advice :joy:


Thank you :heart:


Thank you :smile:


Same I would join I need alotttt of boy help

I can also help out with others if you ever need help


Thank you :heart:


This seems like a good idea I’d wanna join :sweat_smile:


Ok thank you :heart:


Anyone of y’all interested?


Ya I would be down for it!








Hey! I would love to join and help out in any way I can! It’s a really good idea. :grin::grin:


I would love to join!!


Did I already said that I am interested? Lol


@sofia2 @Kaycee_Rose @Qwueen @inkbabie @Zoey3 @BadassSaasha thank you :heart:


No problem. It’s a really good idea!