Is this a good plot idea?


So I have an idea for a story but I’m not sure if cliche and I feel like no one will read it… :unamused:

So my idea is like a soap opera: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Like people go missing , their are lots of relatives that you don’t know about, people are accused of crimes, you have a few love interests but something bad happens and just stuff like that really…

I don’t know if I should write it or not so please leave you advice and opinions down below. (Also if you have any ideas for titles or descriptions then please comment them - I will credit you xx)

Thanks, all advice helps! xxx


  • I would read!
  • I wouldn’t read…

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I would read it! One advice would be to not make it super complicated, because your idea sounds great but it also seems super hard to achieve. Maybe split the events in seasons?


Thanks for the advice and I completely agree, I will try and make it into seasons but i’m not really sure when to make a new season and when to end them :woman_shrugging: xx


That reminds me for NYPD Red. It’s a nice idea. A touch of romance wouldn’t hurt, just make sure it sticks to the main plot. My advise is you can also add some comedy. It’s pretty hilarious if you add some lighthearted jokes in a serious situation.


Thanks, I didn’t really think about adding in comedy actually :woman_shrugging: I was more focused on what I should do with the plot so it’s good you said this :sweat_smile: I will definitely try to add in some jokes and stuff x


You’re welcome. If you’re stuck with jokes, you can always look for inspiration.I reccomend “Not to Hot” by Zaddy because has plenty of serious but lighthearted comedy and those kind of jokes make you laugh so hard.


I would read it!! Love soap opera types :joy: real life one going on is a twin memory mapping thing :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thanks for the recommendation, i’ll make sure to check it out x


Maybe this could kind of a short story, like about 15 episodes? But it’s your choice for the leagth.