Is this a good plot/ story idea ? + help on a name

I just wanna ask the community on forums if this is a good story idea and if you guys would read a story like this. If you want you can give me tips for making my idea better if it’s a story you wouldn’t read. If you have questions just ask me. I also didn’t come up with a story name yet, I’m having trouble with that :sweat_smile:

My story is romance, drama, and a bit of comedy. My protagonist is a female named Mona and she comes from a family that owns a small bakery and smoothie store down by the shore. She works part time and goes to college part time. She study’s marine biology at a local college 30 minutes away. She likes to surf , paint , and cook in her free time. She’s learned how to surf from her older brother.

Her love interest is someone . His parents own four successful stores and Mona’s parents store. However he’s still chill and isn’t a rich boy who looks like he’s rich. He wears chill clothes so it looks like he’s middle class but he’s rich. Idris’ (the love interest) motivation is to make a business of his own. He’s a senior in college.
The protagonist’s parent’s store gets a notice and they get told that their restaurant is getting shut down due to them not paying their bills on time. (They don’t make too much money since another store is getting more business). The protagonist gets mad over this, and takes it up with the love interest’s parents. However the parents direct the protagonist to the son. The protagonist and the love interest recognize each other. A couple days before, the love interest was on the beach and got hit with a beach ball in the face. The protagonist offered him a patch and a free smoothie but he refused b/c he was mad.

The love interest (Idris) gives the protagonist (Mona) a choice since he knows it’s not fair. So she will work for him as an assistant in exchange for her parents’ business being paid off and her school tuition which is 30,000 dollars. Note: She lost her scholarship for the school due to her not keeping up with her required GPA. She was helping her parents and missing some classes.
The assistant job includes typing up paperwork for businesses, running errands for him, going with him to visit businesses, and administrating and hosting local events for business and the beach.

The setting of this story takes place in a downtown area with all the stores, the beach , and an office building. It’ll be switching from time to time.


Ouuu I like this idea, it sounds interesting and well thougut out. I say go for it and I’d love to read!


I LOVE IT! :heart_eyes:
It sounds so light hearted, soft and just cool! I love the beach summer vibe :palm_tree:
Here are some title suggestions from my :sunflower: Story Title Shop :sunflower:

Romance theme

  • On My Mind
  • Head First
  • Because Of You
  • Cross My Heart

Comedy theme

  • Not A Big Deal
  • What It’s All About

Drama theme

  • Against All Odds
  • See Through You

Summer theme

  • Until Sunrise
  • Calm Waters
  • Ocean Eyes

Work theme

  • Not Your Business
  • That’s Business Baby
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First off thank you sooo much and thank you for the titles from your title shop, I did end up coming up with a name shortly after this :sweat_smile:

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Would totally read!